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  • Sonoscape S2BW

    Sonoscape S2BW

    Endowed with SonoScape's advanced imaging technologies and optimum work flow, the S2BW is more than a new compact black and white portable ultrasound unit with comprehensive functions. Through Ttruly exceptional image quality combined with professional diagnosis applications and an ergonomic design, the S2BW helps to bring with you: refreshing experience: confidence, accuracy and comfort. Upgradable to a comprehensive color Doppler system, the S2BW offers a lasting chance to achieve more in the future.
  • Sonoscape A6

    Sonoscape A6

    SonoScape is a high quality, technology company which has specializesd in manufacturing and developing ultrasound systems and ultrasound transducers for many years. Supported by numerous innovative technologies, SonoScape’s introduces A6 as is a reliable and easy-to-use Hhand-carried, Uultrasound system with premium image quality which is comparable to high-end cart-based B/W ultrasound systems.