Color Doppler Trolley Systems

Color Doppler Trolley Systems

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    Sonoscape S30

    SonoScape's S30 is a powerful and versatile general imaging system that helps to meet a wide variety of general imaging needs. The sleek console slips easily into tight spaces, yet is packed with powerful technology that delivers excellent diagnostic images with quality, speed and precision. With the vision of simplicity and performance, the S30 empowers you to easily make the most of the latest technology available.
  • Sonoscape S40

    Sonoscape S40

    Through years of continuous innovation, development, and by giving priority to our customers’ requirements, SonoScape is proud to release its new generation, high-level ultrasound product, S40. Based on  a revolutionary new platform, combining SonoScape's core imaging technologies and sleek ergonomic design, the S40 represents the new standard of SonoScape S series products.  This elevates imaging performance to a record level and satisfies even the most demanding clinical requirements, significantly expanding the value of ultrasound.
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    Sonoscape S22

    Among the SonoScape S series, the S22 is a fully-featured ultrasound system in a slim and elegant package. It combines mobility with utility, to fit in almost any clinical situation. The S22 is aimed at helping the patients and doctor feel more comfortable physically and emotionally during the medical examination. Optimized file management, innovative console layout and SonoScape’s uniquely renowned transducer technologies address every aspect of comfort for both doctors and patients.
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    Sonoscape S12

    Among the SonoScape’s trolley color Doppler systems, S12 redefines price and performance with practical design. As an easy-to-use ultrasound system, the S12 will go beyond your expectations but not your budget.
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    Sonoscape SSI-8000

    Among the SonoScape SSI series, the SSI-8000 color Doppler system provides remarkable performance. This universal system can support a full range of applications, from abdominal, OB/GYN, small parts, to pediatric, and performs exceedingly well on cardiovascular application. SSI-8000  showing its outstanding value and versatility time and time again.
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    Sonoscape SSI-6000

    The SSI-6000 is SonoScape’s mid-range color Doppler system that delivers the best value in full-body imaging. With superior 2D image quality and color sensitivity, the SSI-6000 leads the mid-range category with the best technologies, including Color, Power and Spectral Doppler. The SSI-6000 undertakes  and accomplishes challenging tasks and satisfies a variety of different clinical requirements.